Consistently publish just like the Nigahiga blog

One challenge that a new blogger would be facing is not having enough content to write for his next post or entry.

This is a common challenge among new bloggers because they have been too strict on the topic to focus, or simply because they have been busy lately that they are unable to put time on writing for the blog.

No time to write and be creative

  • Other tasks are getting in the way. Some bloggers are also full time employees, and they often complain that the full time job is getting in the way of them being able to complete their posts. This should not be an issue if you are able to manage your time effectively. During lunch break or right before you go home, you can start writing your post and publish it. This is an example that’s being done on many blogs such as the Nigahiga You would see that posts are being regularly posted because the writer was able to squeeze in the publishing of the entry before going home.
  • Writing on the end of your work day versus writing at home. Many bloggers who would choose to write at home after getting to work would feel tired already, hence, they would push back into writing. This is a fairly common symptom that is why, the recommendation is to write before leaving the office instead. Of course you will not write while on duty, but you will write just before you leave the office. This way, you would still have that energy and motivation.

Allot time and be conscious about it

The general rule is just to simply allot some time when writing your blog. You can allot 30 minutes to an hour per day, and you would notice that by allotting some time, you can consistently publish some posts.