If you or one of your family members has osteoporosis, this article is a must read for you.

As we go along, we will know what are the exercises suited for an individual who has osteoporosis and what are the foods that should be taken.

Let us tackle first the exercises suited for people suffering from osteoporosis. Before doing any of the exercises it is still best to seek the advice of a medical professional. Do exercises wherein you put weight on your feet. These are aerobics, light running, walking, climbing the stairs, hiking, dancing, jogging, racquet sports. Even the chores like mowing your yard and gardening are considered as exercises fit for people with osteoporosis. With all these exercises, the bones in your body responded by building and get themselves stronger. A reminder, even if the exercises mentioned above are suited for individuals with osteoporosis, extra care is needed as the bones of these individuals are fragile and have a high risk of fractures.

For food that is best for bone health, this food should be rich in calcium and vitamin D as these components keep the bone strong and healthy. However, there are some other nutrients as well that helps in keeping the bone healthy thus reducing the risk of bone loss. These foods are fresh fruits and vegetables like dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, green and red pepper, okra, Chinese cabbage, papaya, pineapples and a lot more healthy fruits and vegetables. Dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk. Fish like mackerel, tuna, canned or not-canned sardines, and salmon. Now, let’s go to food that should be eaten in moderation as these foods if taken too much can reduce bone density. These foods are beans or legumes, meat, and food high in protein, salty food like processed food, wheat bran, and spinach.