It has an adjustable firmness zone in the hip and shoulder area.

Buyers Guide: Should you buy a Wonderland Mattress?


Wonderland is a name well-known in the bed and mattres guide US manufacturing industry. Based in Norway, they have been around since 1969 and has made it their priority to provide everyone with good sleep. They even customize beds to make sure that you get the optimal sleeping comfort.





Why choose beds by Wonderland?

There is a reason why Wonderland is a leading Scandinavian brand in bed solutions. The company produces beds that cater to every customer’s sleeping position. They create mattresses with firmness adjustment features so you can adapt the bed’s softness or firmness especially in the hip and shoulder area. These are problematic areas that usually cause pain to sleepers. They use advanced technology and high-quality materials to manufacture beds. The mattresses even come with a 25-year warranty so you can be assured that they would keep you sleeping comfortably for a very long time.


Wonderland Beds And Mattresses Are Low Maintenance

Besides being durable, Wonderland beds and mattresses are easy to keep clean and maintain. Each has an easilyremovable cover to keep dust and mites away from your mattress. You can just slip the cover in the wash with your other bedding and put it back on when it is dry. The mattress also has moisture regulation features to keep the bed from developing molds and mildew. The mattresses are all reversible, prolong their lives.


There Is A Wonderland Bed And Mattress For Everybody

Each Wonderland mattress has different firmness zones to cater to the needs of each sleeper. But did you know that its beds also come in different models? You can get a Superior, a Premium, or a Classic. Ask your salesperson the difference of each.

You can choose:

• Harmony High Box Mattress – This is a box pad with padding made from latex.

• Continental beds –These are made of mattresses with two pocket spring layers, has firmness adjustment features, and a suspension base for a more stable bed.

• Octave Continental beds – These are composed of side-stable mattresses with standard pocket springs. There is a separate shoulder zone for added support and relief.

• Windsor continental beds – These beds come with exclusive pocket and a standard pocket for the main and underframe mattresses respectively. The main mattress contains progressive springs that are softer at the top and denser at the bottom.