Reasons why everyone should own a laptop

In this technology prone world, everybody should own a laptop as they have lots of benefits. As each and every person has some work to do it in the personal computers which were too heavy and expensive and so, not every can afford a personal computer. In such situation, laptops made a big revolution and many companies started producing it in more numbers, thus the price of laptop are much lesser comparing to desktop computer. Even best laptop under 600 are available in good numbers with all kind of specifications. As things have changed a lot since the invention of laptops, now it is ruling the personal computer industry and they are considered to be the ideal computing solution. Some reasons why everyone should own a laptop is mentioned below.


These days, people need to work all time and so they are not getting some free time to use it for other works than working. In such situation, people who are mostly held up in their works, can opt for using a laptop instead of desk struck desktop computers. If they use a laptop, they can take it to a park or coffee shop or someplace which is entirely different from the office and home environment. This is only possible because of the portability feature of laptop. In similar ways, laptops can be taken and used from anywhere without any trouble .

Better resale value

The laptops are said to be having higher resale value as they are always in the trend from their invention whereas the desktop computers doesn’t have much resale value as they are tough to maintain and they can’t be updated that easier with new software. The main reason why laptops are having higher resale value is, their needy market, everyone wishes to have a laptop than desktop due to the unlimited benefits.