She basically has a degree but chose to make videos for a living.

Iisuperwoman: Introducing The Star Behind The Videos

Every personality online becomes successful depending on their content is. Usually, the breakthrough the internet for either good editorial write-ups or the most common way, through uploading videos that become viral or that simply draws a lot of audiences.


A lot of viewers would simply mean more chances of earning. Now, not everyone is into reading. We all know for a fact that there are only a handful of people that would actually spend their time reading through some documents or word file.



Who is she?

Well, based on her website, her real name is Lilly Singh. Judging by the writing on and information on her website alone, you can tell that she seems like a carefree or easy going person who loves to enjoy different things and she has definitely had a good sense of humor to start off with.


However, when you think of her online name iisuperwomanii , there is this one thing that comes to mind. Despite her carefree and open attitude, this is an empowered woman that have fun based on what she thinks is fun.

What are mostly the videos about?

Like what her website says, follow me on my adventure. Well, for that tagline, you can very well tell that it is more likely like her own reality show.  A channel that is dedicated to her adventure through life.


However, the reason why people are actually looking up these videos because you would eventually realize that what she does and what she at times thinks can be similar to what we mostly encounter.


That is the reason that it is easier to watch these videos. Imagine, she seems to like to be your girl next door doing some stuff that you would do. Basically, that is how you start to admire her.