Storage units always come in handy for any business enterprise.

Guidelines for phoenix storage prices based on the Unit’s Size

Storage units for businesses

It allows you to track and quickly locate your items when you need them. It will also preserve your items or products for the time being until it’s the right time for you to use them or send them.

Being in the business industry would always put you in a situation where you need to store bulk items. Because of the lack of storage facility in your business area, you need a storage facility where you can save these items to avoid damaging them and to preserve their quality.

Size and Prices Matters

In a particular business every cent matters and we want to make sure that our funds are going in the right direction, serving its purpose well. So spending money for a storage unit must be reasonable. Because of that, phoenix storage prices are affordable and reasonable based on different sizes.

Here are their various sizes and price range

• Small Units (4×5 – 6×10) – $39.00 – $79.00
• Medium Units (7×10 – 8×20) – $89.00 – $144.00
• Large Units (8×25 – 10×30) – $174.00 – $224.00
• Extra Large Units (15×20 – 20×32) – $224.00 – $399.00

These are the range of sizes and their prices. This will give you the idea on which category you would like to choose that will fit your items and your budget.

The storage facility that you can trust

When it comes to selecting the right self-storage provider, it is essential that you are 100% confident that you can trust them. In whatever business you are in, trust is the most crucial element. It is highly indispensable. North Phoenix Self Storage is the storage facility that you can trust. You can be assured that your items are secure and stored adequately with prices that are affordable and reasonable.