The items to be able to play billiard are a table, cue stick, and table.


Many people are into billiard gaming but not most known what the rules of this game are. Now, let us tackle some general rules of billiard specifically the pocket billiard. Below are some of the general rules that individual should know when playing billiards.

These items need to follow a specific standard prescribed. A triangle is used to rack up all the balls with the apex ball to be located on the foot part and all the other balls behind it pressed together. Cue stick should only strike the cue ball. When the current player fails to drop the ball into the pocket, his turn is over and should be turned over to the opponent.

To know who play first, a lag should be made where both players strike the ball from one end to the end and rebound; the ball that is nearest to the starting point is the first to start the game. A pocketed ball is when the dropped ball remained in the pocket. When making a shot both feet of the player should touch the floor to consider the shot a legal one. No shot should be done if the cue or object balls are moving.

A stroke is considered complete once all the balls on the table stopped moving after it is done. The shot is deemed foul if the cue ball dropped into the pocket and also if the cue ball touched the balls that were already inside the pocket example when the pocket is full.

We could go on with the list but there are too many to mention. So the above-mentioned general rules are only those rules that have a high percentage of happening in an actual billiard game.